Hello interweb peoples, tis I, your Inspired Viking. It has been 5 long months since i last posted, and what stories are to be told.

Jaxson turned 10 months on the 7th of October. Everyday is an adventure with him. The way he is learning things so quickly is mindblowing. He went ftom scooting on his asscheeks to fullblown speed crawling in what seemed like minutes. I give him till the middle of next month and he will be walking around instead of wearing the knees in his pants out.

3 teeth as well. And the fourth on the way. No fussier than normal, but i think he watches to much NatGeo…..hes turning into a beaver. Hes finally starting to sleep through the night. Most of the time. But thats a baby for ya.

Hes not the greatest napper through the day, which puts a crimp in my sleep schedule since i work nights, but i wouldnt give up my time with him through the day for anything.

Well. I believe thats it for now. Cant give all the good stuff away in one posting.

I hope you have your own Jaxson to inspire you.

Im glad i do.:)



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Well….its been awhile. This post isnt about my 5 month old bouncing bundle of fun Jax, but its about my bride.

As most of you know, i was married once before. I was in that situation from 99 to 04, and it taugh me alot about what i DIDNT want in a relationship. After i moved out, i was a general asshole(notlikenow) and i didnt have a lot of good things to say about the fairer, split-tailed sex.

Every woman that i encountered, was done so with that one sole purpose in mind. To take out my aggression and hurt with my penis. Lol. I can look back now, and see that i was so very wrong with how i acted. I let a whore of a woman turn me into a monster. And it wasnt until i moved here to lexington, that i changed.

Which brings me to my point.

I moved here in april of 2006. I was sick of my ex-roommates wife hooking me up with crazy girls who always ended up with issues, so i said fuck it and posted an ad on Yahoos’ personal section. I read a lot of ads and how they were written, and they all just seemed like “blah”. So i kept i simple, with sentences that described my likes and dislikes, and by the time i was done, it was about two pages long.

Now, i did meet a few women off there, and yes, they all ended up a lil/lot crazy, and Yahoo had a random roll kinda thing, that you could take a chance on, and Leighas’ profile kept popping up. But i didnt pay for the service, so i couldnt send her a direct message. But i had hid my email address within my ad, and the title line, “follow the white rabbit ” in hopes that the lucky ones would figure it out.

And Leigha got it.

I first met Leigha in person on july 19th, and my mom passed on August 18th. I called Leigha at her work to let her know, and she offered to go back with me. I knew in my mind right then and yhere, that this woman, whom i had been dating just shy of a month, was the woman i wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I told he how much that meant to me, but that is not how i wanted her to meet my family.

But fast forward a little while.

We married in august of 08, on my dads birthday, and had our first child, our son, december of 2010. Sure, we have had our share of ups and downs, but what married couple doesnt? We dont fight. Never have. We just work it out. We are so similar its scary. I have always heard that opposites attract, but that is soooooo not true in our case. My wife, whom i still to this day, and will continue forever, refer to as my bride. It is my term of endearment that i mean with every ounce of my being.

I can honestly say, with nothing but truth and sincerity in my heart, that before i met Leigha, i was probably only 60% of a man. She has completed me in ways that i can never put into words. I know that she will probably read this and tear a lil bit, but that isnt the point. Every time i look at her, from across the room, or across the bed, she leaves me breathless and wanting. Every. Single. Time.

She has regiven me the gift of life.

Made me have meaning in this world.

Instilled hope in a heart that is normally black as pitch.

She is the cheese to my macaroni.

And she is the goddess to my religion, which i bow to every day in worship and thanks.

All in all, i just wanted to say thank you Leigha, for giving a man like me a new breath to breathe, and filling that void in me, that no other could ever hope to.

I knew true love the minute i laid eyes on you, and i feel that same way everyday.

You are a wonderful mother, wife, lover, confidant, inhouse therapist, verbal filter, and my best friend.

Thank you for giving us a beautiful child, and for giving me your heart.

I’ll love you till i can no longer walk this world.

You keep me inspired.

Of hearth and harvest

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New Years Eve.

A sign of time passed, and future forthcoming.

I know I am about 3 weeks late with this posting, but it all came to me this evening on what to write and rant about. As you all know, I became a father for the first time on December 7th at 110pm, to Jaxson Thor Gillespie. He weighed in at 8 lbs 11 oz, and was 20 1/2″ long.

This one simple act of a life that my wife and I created, being brought into this world has been a truly humbling experience. Now don’t get me wrong, I am still an asshole of the highest caliber, but now I have a new purpose in life besides just being the best husband I can be to the greatest woman I have ever known besides my mom.

I can sit and just look at him for hours and be the most content human alive. The way he looks at everything in that awesome newborn wonder, makes me think of the future and what he can become and achieve. He amazes me with the things he is trying to do already. He is trying to hold his head up already, and keeps his hands open and fingers moving all the time. “Milestones” that aren’t supposed to happen for quite a few weeks.

This new year will hold many things for my son, and my family in general. A whole world is open and waiting for all of us, and I hope that each and everyone of us takes full advantage of every opprotunity and situation that is presented to us.

I wish you all the best, and know that I love each and everyone of you.

Stay inspired.

I will.

Turkeys done!!!……almost

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40 weeks today.
Technically due to make his appearance, BUT…. Like his father, he is stubborn and doesn’t want to be strapped to the timelines his doctor has set into writing. For the past 4 weeks, every visit has ended with the comment from Dr MacKenzie or Dr Courtney, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see you have him tonite.”

But he has proven them all wrong

The last visit this past Tuesday was the same as the ones before. Dr checks Leighas’ stage of dilation, probes a little more, and then conversates a bit before ending it with a statement like the one listed above. We asked the doc about inducing, and she informs us that Leighas’ insurancd provider allows for induction at like 39 weeks. Why didnt we do this sooner?!?! So she set us up for this upcoming Wednsday, December 8th. She has an appointment tomorrow, on what will technically be her due date. Be pretty much more of the same.

But anyways.

Babyboy is set-up already. His room is awaiting him. He already has a starter collection of stuffed buddies waiting for him. I finished up doing his laundry last night so he is ready for a fresh wardrobe change whenever the need should arise. His bag is packed and in the trunk, as is the stroller section of his travel system. His carseat is locked in the back seat. Leighas’ bag is ready to be loaded Wednsday morning. Our call list has been ready for a while. But I don’t believe that he is gonna make an early arrival.

This will more than likely be my last posting as an “expectant” father. Unless he does decide to shock us and show up sometime between now and 6am on this upcoming Wednsday morning, I won’t be posting until he is gracing my arms. Exciting times family. Until then.

I remain…….hopeful.

And inspired.

39 weeks today.

Sorry I didn’t get around to posting  last sunday, but this week began a new job, and there have been way to many things going on. But now to the news.

Leigha had an appointment for a Doppler on Wednesday to check her legs out for blood clots due to swelling. All was good on that front. then later that afternoon, she had an ultrasound to check on the babies size and fluid level. All was good on that front too.

Dr. MacKenzie asked my bride at the followup after the ultrasound if she wanted her membrane scraped to which Leigha abruptly said yes. This is where my respect for the good doc grew exponentially. She told Leigha that this was going to hurt, and to let her know if she needed to stop. I seen Leigha grimacing, and I asked her if she needed a hand. As in to squeeze. Dr MacKenzie, on a dime, says”Actually I do!”…..with a giant grin on her face, and giggling like a schoolgirl as she is knuckledeep in my wifes pooter. THAT in itself…that one little act, garnered her my full respect. Not only is she caring to her patients, she can read people, and make the most of the situation.

But anyways.

Leigha is ready to evict her tenant. His lease is up, and we are ready for him. We just want to be able to see him. Smell him. Hear him and hold him. To share the air we breathe with him. Her contractions are sporadic. Nothing steady yet. But the anxiety is to the point that what hair I have…wants to fall out(notcountingmychin).

this is also the point that I go back and start thinking about my mom. I believe she would have weathered the 3 hour drive if she had to, for she would have wanted to see her new grandson. I hope that i can be the parent i need to be. To be able to offer that guidance that he will need. To be the rock in which he relies, and the shoulder that he cries. this whole experience has made me a lot more humble in the weight and scope of the world. Granted that im still an asshole of the highest caliber, but i know that none of you out there would have it any other way;)

Well family. I need to get off here, and make my way to the house. Got a trunk load of groceries to put up. I wish all of you could be here to celebrate with me when the big moment arises.

But then again.

Thats what Facebook is for.

And my little page of weekly ranting.

I love you all.

Until next time I remain……

A Viking Prayer….

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“Lo, there do I see my Father..
Lo, there do I see my Mother
And my Sisters and my Brothers..
Lo, there do I see the line
Of my people back to the beginning..
Thay do bid me to take my place among them..
In the Halls of Valhalla,
Where the Brave may live forever.”

37 weeks today. Totally full term, and we are ready for him to be here with us. Everything is going great with The pregnancy on Leighas’ end, barring the discomfort of having a small living being the size of a watermelon growing inside of her stretched out womb, pushing every organ into an uncomfortable place just as nature intended. Our home is ready for his arrival. His room is together, his closet still needs a bit of size organization but that will come in time. His bag is packed and in the trunk of the car, as is his stroller. Carseat base is strapped in, and seat mounted. Still need to make a visit to the local firehouse to have them check off on it and make sure it is installed correctly so we don’t have any problems when we go to bring him home.

Leighas’ bag is ready to go, minus some fresh undies’, and ready to be snatched up at a seconds notice. All the baby bottles have been cleaned and sterilized, and stashed away in the kitchen.

Time has really flown by since the day we found out that we were going to be parents. So much has changed that it’s quite hard to keep track. The house has changed. The demeanor of those around us and in our lives has changed. Not in a bad way, but in an excited way that is greatly appreciated.

As everyone knows, I am NOT a religious person. There are 9 Noble Virtues that I firmly believe in, and that is how I base my “Faith”. It is in these ideals that I am going to be sucessful as a father to my child, and hopefully be able to pass on to him.

It is within these virtues that will carry my son through his days.

-Courage- To be brave, and hold his head high, no matter what this life throws at him.

-Truth- To be honest in every way with all those he comes into contact with. No matter how brutal that truth may be.

-Honor- Not only to himself and what he stands for, but to honor the name of his family and the future.

-Fidelity- Purity to those important to him, and to those that he loves and holds close.

-Discipline- To be tried and true in all that he sets his mind too. To know that discipline is not doled out to those who do not put forth the effort to acquire it.

-Hospitality- To give freely when it comes to guests in his home, but not shell out more than is given the guests expectations.

-Self reliance- May he understand the fact that those that are given items freely, and take no true pride in those things, will never hold that pride in earning or building something himself.

-Industrialousness- Never let it be said that his hardwork will never pay off. If it is something he desires, whether position in life or a material thing, if he works for it then it is worth having.

-Perserverance- Never under any circumstance shall he give up in his fight for desire, nor shall he let any man hold him down. Blood might be spilt and scars earned, but those are the maplines of destiny.

My hopes are those of a proud and expectant father, and I believe that these virtues will serve him well throughout his life.

Enough for tonite my extended family.

I remain hopeful.

And inspired.

9 months along as of yesterday.
4 weeks till his scheduled arrival.
Time has flown by in this pregnancy, and everything is ready for his arrival. Room is done. His bag is packed. Her bag is packed. We have one shower left to go to, and I hope it is filled with diapers and the disposable essentials.

The only thing bothering me now is my upcoming work schedule. I accepted a position at Amazon.com in the shipping department, and it is the midnite shift(630pm to 630am), so as not to conflict with Leighas’ dayshift schedule. I don’t start until the 17th of this month, but it keeps runnin through my head that she will go into labor a couple hours into my shift. Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that I cannot have my iPhone inside the facility, and I don’t believe there is a number that can reach a live person. When I worked collections, we had a few customers that worked there and we could not reach them. I have my safety orientation tomorrow, and I am going to let it be known that I have a bay coming within the next couple weeks, and I need a way to be reached.

We do have a backup plan in line just in case. Leighas’ bestie Crystal works days, and has accepted the challenge to grab’n’go if I am at work, and to be her pain reciever until I can get there. But needless to say……this is what sucks about living three hours away from each our respected family members. But this is also a blessing in many ways. There isn’t anything in Point Pleasant to do, and you have to drive at least an hour to reach anything resembling a city. LOL. Pike county is even worse. They are a dry county, and have NO AT&T service. But they do have a Wal-Mart. There is no real way we would move back to either unless it was absolutley necessary.

But that being said, Lexington is where he will be born and raised. To many things for him to do and places for him to experience here. So many more opprotunities here available to him. That is what matters to me. He will get to visit his family every chance we can get him there. Plus, we know that he will recieve plenty of company here in his home.

But alas…..’tis enough musings for one night.
Let the excitement build.

Until next time,

I stay inspired.

October 31st…. All Hallows’ Eve.

My fave holiday ever. Not for the fact that it’s the time to give out candy to all the ignorant heathen children running free from their parents tat just don’t give a shit, but the fact that it’s a time  to celebrate the coming of fall. The Autumn Solstice. The days of the dead.

But that’s all beside the point.

5 weeks left to go. 35 weeks in, and my bride is ready for this little bundle of uterus bashing joy to be brought forth into life. Leigha had her OB appointment on Friday, and everything was good except for the fact that her blood pressure was a little high, which gave Doc Mackenzie a little concern, and they found a small amount of protein in her urine. The protein infused pee caused Leigha to have to measure her urine output for 24 hours, to my joy, after being in the fridge overnight, I get to take in to the lab tomorrow…..yay.

I know its nothing major, and I don’t have any concern, but every little thing worries me at this point. everything else is going great…minus Leighas’ bowel troubles at some points’, but I still worry. I just want everything ready for him, and for him to be perfect and healthy, and these things just eat at me.

I don’t have a whole lot to write about this week, but I feel like I needed to keep this story going. It is going to be grand, and I know that I am going to be mush when he arrives, but I am ready.

Until next time family.

I remain as always.

An Inspired Viking.

Well kids…..It’s getting close now.

Can you feel it?

It’s waiting. It’s almost that time…..

34 weeks today folks. that’s just a miniscule 6 weeks left to go on this leg of our wonderful journey.  6 weeks can be a long time. But…..I don’t believe its going to be in this case.  I dont think my little bundle of Nordic goodness is going to go straight through to 40 weeks.  I believe he will be here a “little” bit early.  Which will be fine and dandy with both Leigha and myself.

Which bring’s me to another point.

I can’t remember if I talked about our crib ordeal on Facebook or not, but we have had two cribs thus far, even without mommys’ little monster being here yet. We found the first crib on Craigslist around the beginning of summer. We go to the ladies’ house, and it was perfect for what we were wanting at the time….light walnutty finish, and together so we could eyeball it before we handed over the cash. We get the crib home, and it was together for quite a few weeks…….until we went to Wal-Mart….and I meandered my vision into the pages of the recall list in the baby department. I seen a picture of our crib in the safety recall list, took down the model and serial #’s that were listed, and when we got home, sure enough….ours was recalled.

 Now Leighas’ bestie Crystal had her little bundle adorable girly cuteness in March, and has NEVER slept in her crib. Which by the way has NEVER been put together in Crystals house…..but that is neither here nor there. So to make a longer story shorter, we take the crib to Wal-Mart, and get our cash back(I love Safety recalls…..$50 to Craigslist lady,$150 from WalMart)and we don’t see anything we like in WalMarts’ selection.

So we head over to Crystals after leaving Wal-Mart, and we buy her crib from her. She gives me all the hardware that the girl she got it off of gave her(Craigslist)and loaded it up in the car and took it home. This is where the fun begins. I get the crib into some bright light, and what should have been white……was the pale yellow of a chain-smoked household…..totally discoloring the crib. Now this wasnt from Crystals’ house, as everyone there are non-smokers. This was from the original owners’. AND…….around 20% of the hardware she gave Crystal…was the wrong hardware. WELL FUCK ME RUNNING!….

Now keep in mind that none of this is to be blamed on Crystal, but i cursed the piece of shit that sold it to her in the state it was in. So i vented over FB a little bit, it there was even mention of using duct-tape to fix it*winkwink*, to which my darling bride abruptly put an end too…..lol. I decided that sanding the whole thing down and recoating it, would be the only way to fix the problem of the color. The missing hardware would be dealt with at a later time.

9 cans of premium Valspar Brilliant White Semi-Gloss in the garage later,it was painted. Which brought on two more unforeseen problems. #1-The finish was rough to the touch. #2-The babies’ room now smells like a paintbooth. Now…being the handy bastard that I am, i have a fine sanding block, that I ran over every inch of the crib, which not only left it glassy smooth, but gave it a very nice, antiquey and worn in appearance. And one of those fancy Febreeze odor-eating pop-ups took care of the smell. Now the missing hardware is still a problem….until my wife finds a website that deals with nothing but crib replacement parts. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!! So after a few emails, and phone calls, I get a call back and place an order for what I need. It arrived on Friday, after I placed the order on Monday, and guess what……not all of the parts are correct. More frustration on my end, and loads of grumbling and cussing later, I decide to be a do-it yourselfer in the truest sense of the term.

The bolts I had ordered were standard, when they should have been Metric threaded, and the upper holes for the mattress spring mount….had NO inserts in them to thread bolts into. Now at this point I am around 10 1/2 ft tall, and as green as grass in the spring, steps away from throwing cars around outside. then it dawns’ on me…..why couldnt I use an anchor…like the kind you put in a wall. I mean….the anchor spreads as you tighten the bolt/screw into it…..so the anchor would expand, and fill the void where the insert should have been….right?????

Well….if you answered yes my friends’, you are correct……from the Incredible Hulk to Reed Richards’ in a matter of seconds’, my dilemma has been solved….the final puzzle piece in place. Sheets, bumpers, and blankets’ in the wash, crib together……mind at ease. So as Leigha was watching a movie, I decided that I could’nt wait, any longer, so I put his bed together….

And since I was in the process of getting everything else in somewhat of an order, and none of you in my extended FB family get’s to peek inside my life, I went ahead and took some other piccies’ of the various newness that has been happening around here in preparation of his arrival. ENJOY!

First up is the wall with all the hand painted stars which almost gave me carpal tunnel, mow complete with blinds, and a sheer curtain with, YES, more stars

and since I couldn’t resist sharing in the coolness of the thing  which is the Jack Black of piggie banks…..I give you…. ROCKPIG!!!!!!!!!!!!  complete with money in his gut already!!!!!!!

And then we move on to the shelving that is in the process of going up…..(notice strategically placed Thor/Enchantress 2-pack, and New Thor and Black Adam figures on said shelving;))

Well fam’……I do believe I am going to leave it at that for this week…. I’m glad that I can share with all of you everything that I am experiencing in this journey. And also know, that if I didn’t care about each and every one of you, you wouldn’t be on my list anyways……….;)

Feedback is always appreciated.

Until next time my family….

I remain as always,

An Inspired Viking.

7 Weeks……..

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….7 weeks.

…..33 down.

The time is drawing near for our upcoming viking to be set forth into this wasteland. it has been a big weekend for my bride and I. Friday morning, Leigha had her OB appointment/Labwork done for her glucose check. It all came back good….we were a week late on her actual appointment though(we both got the date wrong ;p !) From there, I dropped Leigha off at work, then came back for her babyshower there. Many gifts were given in offering of support from the ladies she works with, and they are all greatly appreciated!

After the shower, I loaded all the gifts into the car and headed home to unload them and spend some quality time with my two favorite fuzzy children before we made the trek back to Leighas’ dads’ in Pike County. My longhaired hippie brother from another mother ImmortalCasus came over to dog/housesit for the weekend, and we hung out till time to go get the wife from work so we could start the journey.

After a lonnnnnng 3 hour drive, we made it to her brothers’, where we hung out till around midnite, then drove back to her dads’ and went to bed. Leigha and her freshly turned 18 year-old, barely legal sister(LOL) left for the shower that our sister-in-law Jessica was throwing her around 330pm that afternoon, so mosied up to her oldest brothers’ house to hangout till time to go get her. Her other brother came by with his 2 boys, and while Chris’ boys and Garys’ girls ran around like heathens’, we played disc golf on the PS3.

Picked Leigha up around 830-ish that evening, loaded everything in the car, and after hanging out till about 10, we drove to her dads’ and crawled straight into the bed. Got up early the next morning, and after her dad and stepmom left for church, we packed up the rest of our stuff and headed back to the homestead. We got to the house a little after 2, and sat around till around 5-ish, and went to Georgetown to pick up a baby bouncy Leigha had found on Craigslist. We get to the ladies house, and she asks Leigha if she would be interested in the swing she was selling…..so Leigha says “SURE!”. Ten after the swing comes out, she asks if we had a mobile…to which Leigha says”nope.” So….heres’ the running tally for the evening….keep in mind that all three items were used only once, since their 6 month old son was WAY too big to use them…….$90 for a Carters’ bouncy($60 new), Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing($150 new), and a motorized/light up/musical mobile($50 new)……that is a whopping $260.00……..and we only paid her $90….THEN she asks Leigha if she needs any maternity pants….and tells her that she can have them if she wants them……. so all in all, it was worth the drive to G-Town. We then decide to make a run to Target to get a few other little odds’ and ends’ for the babies room(Thor figures’), then dinner. My wife can smell a deal, and in her success, I took her to Cheddars’ afterwards.

We finally make it home, unload everything into the house, and after changing into some comfy lounge gear, sit around the babies’ room, and put away everything we have accumulated the last few days. Ares was going crazy sniffing around on everything, investigating all the new things that have been brought into his domain. Bruno just wanted to lay on the new baby blankets. It is going to take some adjusting for the two fuzzy kids’ once their baby brother is brought home. But we are going to try to make the transition as easy as possible for them. We have decided that we are gonna wrap him in one his own blankets from home, then bring that blanket home early so they can get a good whiff of him. And on the day we get to bring him home, we already know there are going to be family members’ there, so we are going to ask that everybody go grab dinner….see a movie…..do anything but come by the house for a few hours(3), that way we can introduce him to his furry brothers. we don’t foresee any problems out of either of them, but we know that Ares is already starved for attention….LOL, so it will just take a little bit of time.

Now I know this doesn’t fit my normal scheme of musings’ for my weekly bloggings’, but, just a recap of the weekend…….Our boy might wanna read about the lead-up to his arrival one day. And ya never know….might make a good story to actually read through sometime.

All for now…..

Got painting to do at work…..

….stay inspired